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Introducing Cozy heaters; the world’s slimmest and safest heating panel.
Our panel heaters are highly efficient electric wall mounted.
Our heaters make no noise, consume very less power due to its low wattage and use the principle of natural air convection making it ideal for homes and offices.
Our panels have 3 layers of insulation for your safety and to prevent electric shocks.
You can also paint the panels to match your room's décor.
Our panels and can be easily installed not only in homes & offices but also in RV's, Mobile homes and Bunkers.
We are the only company in the world manufacturing the widest range of panel heaters with patented accessories like THE HOLELESS-MOUNT & THE HEAT GUARD.
The awesome part about THE HEAT GUARD is that it creates a double convection air circulation which results in better heat dissipation.
Cozy heaters are available in all the major online retail stores.
Go and grab your Cozy heater today or visit us as www.cozy-heater.com.

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