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Hello Smallworld users,
Is your organisation unable to extend Smallworld solutions to smart devices?
Are full functional license models limiting your affordability?
Do you wish you could pay only for the features you use?
Is your enterprise struggling to find developers who can convert your ideas quickly into apps?
Is your business unable to connect with the Smallworld organisations and professionals across the globe and leverage their expertise?
Are you looking for a one stop shop for all for all your enterprise Go Smart challenges?
"MagikMinds" has developed an integrated solution for you.
Introducing Marblesz.com with a cutting edge App Store Marbles. With Marbles, you can download GIS apps for mobile built specifically for smallworld users around the world. We are calling these apps marbles because they are simple, Straight & smart.
Marbles makes your life easier by making your GIS apps reach across the organization with quick turnaround in a cost effective manner through modern apps like Service feasibility, address search, asset search, fault locator, executive dash boards, reports…and many more.
The “Pay for what you use” model of license per-device makes Marbles competitive & perfect fit for your business.
You can boost productivity and reduce costs by encouraging your employees to use Marbles on their own devices.
Not just that, Individual developers can also leverage our SDK and build apps useful for enterprises.
In short, Marbles brings the power of smallworld to mobile.
Go Smart Go Marbles
For more info, logon to Marblesz.com and get in touch with us.

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