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Have you ever wondered what's happening around you right now?
Restaurants are coming up with exquisite dishes. Gigs are being performed by your favourite bands & comedians. Local businesses are offering great deals and discounts and a lot more is happening.
What if all this information is available in your pocket. That’s exactly why we built Scootr
Scootr gathers instant updates from your local Restaurants, Pubs, coffee shops, Shopping malls etc. and organises the information in the form of a beautiful news feed to keep you updated. You can filter the feed depending on your interests like night-life, shopping, dine-out and arts.
Scootr also helps you to Checkout where your friends are hanging-out, their interests and their recommendations.
Love a place? Just add it to your favourites and Scootr will tell you what’s happening at all the places you love via push notifications.
Above all, get inspired to discover amazing places, offers, events and delicacies your city has to offer.
Install Scootr now and stay connected with your neighbourhood.

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