Zeta Smart Loyalty

Meet Rahul and Sameer, two retail store owners constantly trying to drive repeat business by rewarding customers.
But Sameer always seems to succeed while Rahul struggles. Let's see why!!
Rahul runs a regular loyalty program. He prints and distributes cards which are expensive and cumbersome, runs discounts and communicates offers through expensive ads and in-store activations. But this hardly gets him any repeat visits.
Whereas, Sameer uses Zeta's Smart loyalty solution. Which enables him to send digital loyalty cards from a computer to his customer's mobile instantly!
Instead of discounts, Sameer issues cash backs and loyalty stamps, notified to customers in real time. This ensures his customers keep coming back for more. Zeta's smart analytics gives Sameer a marketing edge too!
Sameer can target his customers by Age, Gender and Location. He can also select the offers that work best by comparing their past performance. Sameer enjoys long term loyalty of customers with minimum time, cost & effort.
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